Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MTSR 2012

MTSR 2012 - the 6th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference will take place at Cadiz, Spain, between 28-30/11/2012. One of the special tracks will be the 5th International Workshop on "Metadata and Semantics for Agriculture, Food and Environment" (AgroSem2012), to which I also participated last year (as a part of the MTSR 2011 Conference in Izmir, Turkey).

This time I will be more actively involved in the organization of the Workshop, as a member of the Program Committee. Apart from disseminating the Workshop, I am also submitting two research papers as a co-author (one of them is about the recently over Organic.Balkanet project and its use of metadata) and I will get to review some of the submitted paper (hopefully not mine!).

Due to the nature of the Workshop, the VOA3R project is tightly connected to it, so a number of submissions from VOA3R-related authors is expected. After all, Agro-Know and VOA3R are some of the supporters of this workshop!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Agro-Know server issue

Today I realized that I could not access my Agro-Know email account since early in the morning; I kept receiving a message about authentication problems. As soon as I got in the office, I went through the various services hosted at the Agro-Know server only to see that none of them (email, blog, wiki etc.) was available.

I really had to send some rather urgent early-morning emails, to revise stuff at the Agro-Know blog and get some information from the wiki, so I realized how important this server is... it is hard to work without internet, but then it is also scary when you realize how much we depend on this hardware to work with all these Agro-Know server-based services!

I hope that the issue will be fixed soon...

**EDIT** The issue was indeed temporary and was fixed in some 30 mins later, after communicating the issue to our web hosting service.