Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Organic.Lingua 5th Project Meeting

The 5th project meeting of Organic.Lingua took place between 20-22/2/2013 at the premises of University of Alcala, in the lovely Alcala de Henares, Spain. It was my second time there and I surely enjoyed it more than the first time. It was also my first time in the project to appear as a member of the UAH team, as I will be offering my services to UAH for the next months in the context of the Organic.Lingua project :-)

Strange to be on the other side of the lens!
The meeting took place some weeks before the 2nd review meeting of the project, so there were important things to be discussed and issues to be clarified before that. As usually, a lot of time was devoted to the technical aspects of the project (mostly machine translation components and CLIR services) along with the core software tools such as MoKi and UGC component. The main issue of the meeting were the revisions in the Organic.Edunet Web portal (which should be publicly available pretty soon), as it is the core component of the project.

I had the opportunity to present the revised Organic.Edunet IEEE LOM AP, the status of the content population (both topics are among my favorite ones!) as well as present the AgLR tool to the user partners, as a part of the user trials that they are going to host in various countries, such as France, UK, Estonia and Turkey.

This time we also had some free time (by limiting the number of hours for rest of course!), which we enjoyed with beers and tapas (in the evening), thanks to our good friend David. On top of that, we had some really nice time at a more classy restaurant, in a joint dinner which almost all partners joined. My evenings were also challenging as I had to fix my netbook, the performance of which suffered after upgrading Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro... low memory issues rendered the netbook almost unusable, when I needed to prepare slides, respond to urgent emails and keep the minutes of the meeting at the same time. Installing various Linux distributions did not solve the problem...

The meeting ended with a lot of tasks to be taken care of in the next weeks. For me this includes deliverables, reports, work in AgLR, communication, deadlines etc. After all, these are the ingredients that keep the work interesting ;-)

Additional info about the meeting along with more photos can be found in the IERU blog of the UAH team.