Thursday, May 23, 2013

The new Organic.Edunet Web portal is coming soon!

Well, it seems that the significantly revised version of the Organic.Edunet Web portal will be available in the next days, Anyone visiting the portal at receives the following screen:

This leaves me anxious to see more!
I have a special connection with Organic.Edunet, as it was the first EU project that I was involved in (back in 2008, as a member of the AUA team) and my opportunity to join this amazing world of EU projects, working with metadata, digital collections/repositories, educational resources and training curricula, Web 2.0 tools etc. Now I am still involved in Organic.Edunet through my involvement in the Organic.Lingua project, which brings a lot of fresh stuff (both collections and new functionalities in the portal) to Organic.Edunet.

I have to admit that I have seen some mock-ups of the new portal, as well as a testing environment with the new interface, but there's nothing like the real thing! So let's wait for a couple of days before we see the revised version of the portal. :-)