Friday, October 18, 2013

ISLE: Compendium of Good Practices

One of the first EU projects that I got involved in (including their management on the Agro-Know side) was ISLE. ISLE (Innovation in the teaching of Sustainable development in Life sciences in Europe) was a project funded under the Erasmus programme of the European Commission and gave me the opportunity to join a large network of university teachers in Life Science Universities around Europe (mostly agricultural ones) and work towards developing the expected outcomes of the project. AK was the Dissemination Work Package leader, and I had a really great time disseminating the project in various occasions and using a wide variety of dissemination materials and tools. The project ended on September 30th, 2013 (a couple of weeks ago) and it currently continues in the form of an Association.

It was a really nice surprise today to receive a small package from +Corinne Stewart, the coordinator of the project (and head of the AgroSup Dijon team) and find a printed copy of the Good Practices Compendium, developed by the project.


The compendium is already available in a digital form from the ISLE web site - you can download it here. You can also find additional interesting material, in the form of project deliverable in the Outcomes section.

More things are expected in the future from ISLE, including a proposal for the continuation of the network and expansion of its outcomes which is planned and the liaison with related associations and networks. As I am currently one of the Board Members of the ISLE Association, I have the opportunity to be actively involved in the decision making of the next steps of the association and really anxious to see where this will lead during the next months.

That's me, signing for the creation of the ISLE Association!

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