Friday, December 20, 2013

The Agro-Know Christmas party – 2013 edition

Next an interactive session during which everyone was invited to say some nice words (not especially difficult) for a specific other colleague (it was kind of a lottery, person was defined by drawing a paper from a pool of similar papers). This was nice, it went out of saying typical things about each other and at some point things got rather emotional... we're a big family after all! This part also included some well-accepted corporate gifts - big thanks to AK for that!
The AK team - more like a big family!

Then it was time for the real party; everyone shut down their laptops and we headed to Kimolia Art Cafe. Nikos Pal. was already there expecting us. The well-know Red Room was booked for the AK team, along with additional tables in the next room (the AK team gets bigger and bigger). Everyone was relaxed so it was a nice opportunity for informal discussion (along with the usual boring discussions about projects etc!). Beers, home-made glühwein and cocktails were served, along with some really tasty snacks (you gotta try the club sandwich and chiabbata sandwiches). A lot of photos were taken but you have to live with these few ones for the time being until we process the rest - so please come back again! ;-)

The AK team wishes you merry Christmas!
Next week will be strange, as some people will be on vacations so the office will be half-empty; this made the specific timing the most appropriate available. Next family event? The new year's pie gathering, which is expected in early January 2013!

P.S. Stauros was already on holidays and was greatly missed (but frequently mentioned); on the other hand, we managed to have Mada participating in the first part of the event through Skype video call!