Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BioVeL Newsletter No. 2

The BioVeL project has just published their 2nd newsletter. It was sent to me via email, as I was registered through the BioVeL website; however, you may grab a digital copy from here. I had a really good time going through it, despite the fact that I am not involved in the biodiversity field, as it provides a wide variety of topics, including information on workflows.

For example, I found the Workflow for Data Refinement especially interesting for my work - we are working with related workflows in the agINFRA project after all). I also enjoyed the presentation of consortium members, some of which I had already met during the MS6 workshop, in which I also participated. I like this idea, which we are already using in our ISLE newsletters, but in a smaller scale.

However, what I enjoyed most was the photo available in p.12 of the newsletter, as it was a group photo taken during the MS6 workshop at Gothenburg, Sweden. It was a surreal photo, and setting up all these people did not seem to work since there were two cameras shooting at the same time but from different angles! I happened to look at the correct camera, since I started to develop an instinct about that after my participation in all these meetings! :-P

This brought all these nice memories from my participation to the 2nd BioVeL workshop; I would love to find an opportunity to work with the people involved there, as they are so passionate about what they are doing!


  1. this looks indeed like a very good and complete newsletter!

    1. Yes, it is hard to find so detailed newsletters from projects. In most cases they are 4- or 6-pages long and are mostly filled with images and tables. I am glad you liked the BioVeL newsletter!