Sunday, March 29, 2015

Andreas leaves Agro-Know

A couple of weeks ago, our colleague Andreas announced that he would leave Agro-Know after exactly 2 years in the company; that was really sad, as +Andreas was one of the nicest persons in Agro-Know. Despite the fact that he joined Agro-Know a couple of years after we established our main offices, he quickly became one of those colleagues who contributed in this special connection between the Agro-Know team members and he was usually the one trying to find opportunities to celebrate and bring the team members even closer.

I still remember his first days in Agro-Know: Sitting at a desk between Babis and me, he was trying to get some hints on what he actually had to do, while Babis and me remained silent during (almost) the whole day (something that surely made him feel rather awkward)! It was back in a time where new team members were really few and seeing a new person in the team was quite something; we didn't have the opportunity to see new faces that often and we were somewhat reserved regarding our reactions towards new people.

Andreas started by supporting some small LdV projects that Agro-Know was participating in (like AGRICOM and ISLE), then he moved on by coordinating our participation in projects like Herbal.Mednet and he ended up directly supporting the coordination of large projects like agINFRA. He managed to evolve really quickly and meet the challenges of the position of a project manager in Agro-Know (which, trust me, is very demanding... been there, done that!). He was always a great guy to work with; calm, confident and always aware of what had to be done, by when etc. - he knew when to put effort in something and when to deliver it with the minimum effort needed so he was no source of overhead. He was a "jack of all trades", as he was always eager to work on anything related to his job, including project management, project deliverables, papers/submissions, contribution in events - literally anything that you may think of. He traveled a lot, met a lot of new people, represented Agro-Know and UAH in several occasions and he was creating opportunities for collaboration with new organizations.

Andreas & me during EDF 2014 (source: 

Andreas decided to leave Agro-Know for his own reasons. He explains some of them in a really nice farewell blog post on the Agro-Know blog (because he was also one of our top bloggers). I wouldn't want to go into details but the point is that it was a tough decision to leave Agro-Know and I totally understand that. We already miss him and I am sure that he also misses his Agro-Know colleagues; it is this special chemistry that exists mostly between the older members (and I am nor referring to age here!) and we try to pass it on to our numerous newer members as well. However, this change was for a good cause so we are all happy for Andreas.

His last day at the office was a celebration: He went on with his work, handing over anything needed to his Project Management team mates, sorted out some last-minute tasks, he made a really great presentation which was (among others) an overview of his 2 years in Agro-Know and ended with a lovely slideshow of images during this time. He was kind enough to share a home-made chocolate cake with us, combined with a marvelous bottle of Martini Asti (it was the first time I tasted it but surely not the last!).

During the last day of Andreas in Agro-Know

I just want to wish Andreas good luck with whatever he is doing and the best for his new ventures in a much larger company!

P.S. I feel that I have to mention that Andreas was also a Qwertee addict; we had made a number of joint orders during their Insanitee Sales and I am sure that this tradition will go on during the next months ;-)

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