Thursday, May 25, 2017

Contributing to the Knowledge and Performance Management journal

Information and Knowledge Management (especially in the agrifood sector) are among the topics I really love and have personal interest in. I was always intrigued by the way that information (and knowledge) can be organized and shared, facilitating its retrieval and exploitation and
the added value that metadata provide to the corresponding resources. I had the pleasure to combine this interest with my professional activities, being actively involved so far in a wide variety of work related to these topics, including metadata, knowledge organization & classification systems (such as controlled vocabularies and ontologies), linked (open) data and semantic Web etc. Some of this work has been documented in the form of Project deliverables, blog posts and even research publications.

I recently received an invitation by Kozmenko Science Publishing on me joining the team of reviewers for their Knowledge and Performance Management journal. I happily accepted the invitation and found myself in the list of the journal's reviewers, along with respected researchers and scholars from all over the world. I like reviewing the work of others and I have past experience as a reviewer of both journal and conference submissions so I am eager to start contributing to the journal by providing my own reviews on the upcoming submissions.

This only made me realize that it has been quite a long time since I last worked on a publication...