Sunday, May 21, 2017

Presenting NEUROPUBLIC’s Smart Farming Project in Money Show 2017 Conference

On Saturday 20/5/2017, a workshop titled «The implementation of a project for the production of “intelligent” early harvest olive oils through smart farming and the first global clinical study on people with Mild Cognitive Impairment» took place in the context of the 28th Money Show 2017 at Thessaloniki, Greece. I was there, representing NEUROPUBLIC.

The workshop was organized by YANNI’S OLIVE GROVE, which participates in NEUROPUBLIC’s Smart Farming project, in collaboration with GAIA EPICHEREIN, Perrotis College of the American Farming School and the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. I had the pleasure to visit the olive groves of the company some months ago (as well as to get to know the owners, the lovely Prodromou family, namely Yannis and Evi) and so I had a first-hand experience of the work that takes place there.

The speakers of the Workshop were:
  • Dr. Kyriaki Zinoviadou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology of Perrotis College, who focused on the topic of organoleptic characteristics of olive oil and their improvement through the adoption of modern cultivation methods,
  • Me, as the Outreach & Networking Manager of NEUROPUBLIC, presenting the Smart Farming project of the company, focusing on the collaboration with the YANNI’S OLIVE GROVE company and explaining how data can lead to improved production in an environmentally friendly way, and
  • Mrs. Eftychia Lazarou, from the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, who presented initial results from the clinical study that is currently in progress and concerns the positive effect of early harvest olive oil in the Mild Cognitive Disorder.

The speakers presented different aspects of the multi-awarded in international competitions early harvest olive oil of YIANNI’S OLIVE GROVE, starting from the production (see the collaboration with NP in the context of its Smart Farming project), its improved organoleptic characteristics (see the collaboration with the American Farming School) and its potential beneficial properties for human health (see the collaboration with the Greek Association of Alzheimer disease).

The panel was coordinated by Mrs. Evi Psounou-Prodromou from the YIANNI’S OLIVE GROVE company; as regards the audience, the workshop was attended by olive producers, representatives of companies working from various aspects with olive oil etc. The workshop was concluded with a tasting session including early harvest olive oils and olive products of ANNI’S OLIVE GROVE by the specialized international expert Dr. Zinoviadou, at the Ephessus Room of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

I was happy to be among the speakers of the workshop, and to have the opportunity to talk about our smart farming project - especially as a core component of a multi-actor approach that leads to the high-quality outcomes of the aforementioned early harvest extra virgin olive oils.

A description of the event (along with the description of an additional one of the series) is available here (Greek only).