Saturday, May 21, 2011

Preparing for CerOrganic ToT School

I am trying to finish my preparations for the CerOrganic Training of Trainers Summer School. It will take place at MAICh premises, Chania, Greece during 23-28 of May, 2011.

I have quite a few presentations to make during the first two days (five or six, if I am not mistaken!) and I am rather nervous about that...they will be both about ICT tools and services in OA training (e.g. Metadata, Open Educational Resources & Organic.Edunet Web portal) as well as blended learning (training scenarios).

I have already revised my presentations a few times and my recent discussion with Erik Duval helped me in some cases. I have also prepared a handbook for the implementation of training scenarios in vocational education & training (VET), which will be revised according to the updates and feedback from the school.

This school will be a crash test for my knowledge, my skills and ... my temper! I really hope that everything will go well in the end.