Thursday, January 30, 2014

AK celebrates with the New Year's cake: To kopi ti pita!

One of the nice Greek traditions is the celebration which takes after the New Year's day (in the next weeks/months in fact), where a family gathers and celebrates the New Year by sharing equally cut pieces of a special cake. This cake is called "New Year's cake" internationally and "Vasilopita" in Greece. In this direction, AK as a big family who respects traditions, had this nice little celebration in the office last Tuesday, where everyone participated and partied.
AK New Year's cake
The nice thing is that each vasilopita contains a coin; this coin not only brings a year of good luck to the one who will find it in his piece of the cake, but is usually accompanied by a nice present! This year Dimitra found the lucky coin in her piece (she was also the one who brought the cake to the office; strange coincidence, huh?) and apart from the luck she got a nice present from our good friends at Orbita travel agency.
The lucky coin!
There was a small party at the office, including long-time-missed informal discussions and we got to see almost all the team again (apart from Mada, who was greatly missed...); even Babis made an appearance after a couple of weeks on leave due to health issues! This provided the opportunity for another family photo, as you can imagine...
AK family photo - January 2014
Additional photos from the event (small selection; sorry for that!)
P.S. The "To kopi ti pita" part of the title (Kopi tis pitas in proper Greek) is an extremely common expression in Greece, while it is not a Greek phrase; instead, it was a bad moment of a foreigner jewellery seller who wanted to refer in the celebration during his Greek TV show but he failed to do so in proper Greek (of course we understand; it sounded Greek to him!). After that, he managed to make this expression the standard one when referring to the celebration.

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