Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First steps into 2014

Just a couple of days before I get back to the office after the Christmas break, I started planning (don't expect too much, just a rough scheduling) my first steps in 2014. An indicative list of things that I will be working on in the next couple of months is the following:

  1. Preparation for the 7th (and last) Organic.Lingua project meeting. The meeting will take place in Birmingham, UK between 15-17/1/2014 and will be the last opportunity of the project partners to meet and discuss the next steps in the project, before its end and the upcoming review meeting (which will take place later in 2014).
  2. Final revisions in the Organic.Edunet IEEE LOM AP and the Organic.Edunet OA-AE ontology (also to be presented at the Organic.Lingua PM)
  3. Finalize all pending issues related to the Organic.Lingua multilingual content population before the end of the project (28/2/2014), such as the fine-tuning of the workflow for the User Generated Content.
  4. Contribution to (at least) two deliverables of the agINFRA project, both of them related to data integration.
  5. Work on the integration of a CRM tool in the metadata integration workflow, which will allow us to better organize not only the contact database of the data providers but also allow various team members involved (e.g. data and technical team members) to indicate the status of the metadata integration of each collection. It also provides a number of advantages which will be mentioned later, as soon as the integration is completed.
  6. Update my slides of my Big Data in Agriculture presentations, which were prepared in late 2013.
  7. Keep the Agro-Know dissemination tools, like the newly introduced blog, the Facebook page and the Twitter account updated (a task I really enjoy!)
I expect other urgent tasks to appear in the meantime, some of them unexpected but I will keep some slots in my schedule flexible enough to make sure that there is time for everything to be delivered on time. There should also be time for the upcoming trips and for some publications as well!